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  • Diegesis-INTENSE TALK

How about you receiving a published Film Poster Quote review that glorifies your film that is written by a USA Hollywood area based, trained, well establish Industry critic and short film marketer?

2021 Professional Who’s Who nominee Phillip E. Walker-MFA supplies to you and publishes through Walker Entertainer Academy, a one or two word positive critique Quote which depicts your Film, such as “CHAPLINESQUE” or “LUCRATIVE”.

Having earned a University of Illinois-Urbana USA Theatre History & Criticism Master of Arts Degree, Mr. Walker is traditionally well known for sitting in theaters (sometimes alone) of the World’s live, in-person short film festival screening blocks, viewing petite motion pictures and making notes that result in such Quotes. In response to COVID-19 restricted travel, this multi award winning reviewer now makes Film Poster Quotes available through private, WFCN screener viewings at http://FilmPosterQuote.com.

EVERY under 26 minutes in length WFCN viewable film/video submission or such a submission of any length film that was previously viewed in-person by the Critic, that has a Poster WILL be Selected within 72 hours of its submission, be Nominated and have its Quote delivered within a week of its Submission, then be Honored by our Event Date plus have the Submission's Quote published on the FilmPosterQuote.com website & our Facebook page and on the Submission's WFCN, Facebook & IMDb pages .

Awards & Prizes:

1. Well thought-out, individualized Film Poster Quote critique published on our & your WFCN Pages and your Facebook & IMDb pages plus the FilmPosterQuote.com WEBSITE & Facebook.com/Poster.Quotes Page
2. Film Poster Quote LAURELS
3. Individualized Film Poster Quote IMAGE for your Film's Poster
4. Individualized AWARD WIN!

Rules & Terms:

1. Films / Videos under 26 minutes in length or any length film that was viewed in-person by the Critic prior to submission
2. Films / Videos with Posters on their WFCN page
3. Videos that can be viewed on their WFCN submission platform.

3 Reviews
  • Best Film Festival

    30 May, 2021

    Film Poster Quote
    Response from festival:

    We appreciate your "CHEESY FLICK" Review so much that it will headline our http://FilmPosterQuote.com website!

    30 May, 2021
  • Great Festival! Thanks for the opportunity!

    05 May, 2021

    Film Poster Quote
    Response from festival:

    We thank you for allowing us to supply your "INTENSE TALK" Film Poster Quote.

    30 May, 2021
  • Amazing Film Festival having wonderful communications.
    I recommended to submit here

    02 May, 2021

    Film Poster Quote
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Sa'ed. We loved reviewing your "Baa Curfew" Film.

    30 May, 2021
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